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Todmorden Station is a Pastoral Lease, with the land being leased from the South Australian Government. As lessees, we do however own all of the improvements (infrastructure), plant and livestock that are on the land.

There is however under Section 48 of the Pastoral Land Management and Conservation Act 1989 (State) - P.L.M & C. Act 1989; provision for conditional public access on Pastoral Leases. Furthermore Todmorden has entered into an Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) between ourselves, the local Yankunytjatara/Ankakirinja Traditional Owners and the South Australian Government. As a result of the ILUA, there are further considerations regarding third party public access on Todmorden Station. For example Traditional Owners may have cultural reasons for not allowing public access to certain areas and as a party to the agreement we are also bound by the terms of the ILUA.

There are no gazetted PUBLIC ACCESS ROUTES or gazetted POINTS OF PUBLIC INTEREST on Todmorden Station. The only public roads are The Oodnadatta Track which traverses right through Todmorden Station and the road to Dalhousie Springs via Hamilton Station, from Oodnadatta. These roads provide a high degree of public access through Todmorden Station. Permission is not required by us to use these roads and short-term camping adjacent to these roads is allowed by the Todmorden lessees.This is provided that it is not within one kilometre radius of any house, shed or outbuilding or within a 500 metres radius of any constructed stock watering point. Technically however, under the P.L.M & C Act 1989 there appears to be no prescribed distance that travellers can camp off public roads like the Oodnadatta Track, as there is with Public Access Routes. Strictly speaking our understanding is that to camp anywhere adjacent to the Oodnadatta Track , permission should be sought from the Todmorden lessees firstly. However it would seem practical and sensible to the Todmorden lessees to waive a consent process if camping is adjacent to the Oodnadatta Track and the road going to Dalhousie Springs via Hamilton Station.

PUBLIC ROADS on Todmorden Station


If public access is required to visit, camp, undertake surveys or undertake historical research on Todmorden Station, then permission must be sought, preferably in writing from us firstly. Should you be denied access by us your re-course is then with the Minister of Environment, who administers the Pastoral Land Management and Conservation Act 1989 (State). Under Section 48 of the above mentioned legislation we can refuse access under the following terms.

- Public Safety
- Management of livestock
- Rehabilitative work on the land
- Any good and sufficient reason
- If it is inconsistent with the terms of the ILUA

Should public access be granted beyond the public road network on Todmorden Station, then it would be only under the following conditions. Furthermore, remote access to places like Todmorden Station can be very dangerous and life threatening, if not planned properly. There is no signage on station tracks and many tracks can lead your further into unknown territory. Tracks are often very rough and not suitable for 2WD vehicles. Motorbikes are not allowed, which is one of the conditions set out in the ILUA. Water is generally not available, which means any person coming to Todmorden Station must be fully prepared and provisioned. Access during the summer months (October to March) is particularly dangerous due to extreme temperatures.

Our conditions are as follows,

1. If consent to this proposal is given then this shall only be on the basis that access is at your own risk – no liability will be accepted as a result of this consent.

2. Visitors are responsible for their own insurance.

3. Please contact us at least one week before you intend to visit – any approvals are contingent on Section 48 of the P.L.M & C. Act 1989 and local weather conditions.

4. Visitors must have arrangements made with a responsible person as to their whereabouts and possible Search & Rescue arrangements. There must not be an expectation that we would be responsible as to your welfare or possible Search and Rescue.

5. Have adequate supplies of food, water, fuel, safety and communication equipment.

6. Have a well maintained and reliable vehicle.

7. Paddock Plan maps produced by the Pastoral Board, Department of Water, Land and Biodiversity Conservation are not available for use by the general public and we will not consent to their public use.

8. If access consent is granted we require that any features on Todmorden are not, recorded by G.P.S coordinates, mapped and publically disseminated without our permission.

9. Public access must not be of a commercial nature.

10. No camping within a radius one kilometre radius of any house, shed or outbuilding.

11. No camping within a 500 metres radius of any constructed stock watering point.

12. No interference with
– Domestic livestock
– Native flora and fauna
– Feral animals, unless approval by us has been granted
– Station Infrastructure
– Station property
– Radio Communication Channels (unnecessary chatter on UHF Repeater channels)
– Aboriginal Heritage sites which include artifacts

13. Observance of the following conditions

– Proper extinguishment of campfires and no lighting of fires during “Fire Ban” season
– Removal of all rubbish and belongings
– Stay on defined station tracks
– No use of detergents in troughs, waterholes and tanks
– No swimming in tanks or troughs

14. No dogs are to be brought onto Todmorden Station, nor chainsaws used or Firearms unless prior approval is granted. We suggest that you also refer to Section 57 of the P.L.M.& C. Act 1989 which deals with Misuse of Pastoral Land

15. Allow time for roads to dry out if caught out in wet weather. Should you cause damage to our roads by wheel rutting, we will pursue the cost of damages from you.

For your information also Todmorden Station does not have or provide for the following

a) Drinking water and food
b) Fuel
c) Accommodation
d) Mechanical services
e) Telephone services (Landline, CDMA & Digital)
f) Maps
g) Search & Rescue capabilities
h) Guarantee of continuous UHF radio service

Should you have the need to visit Todmorden Station beyond the Public Road network, please complete the Todmorden Pastoral Lease Access Request Form for our consideration. General information about access to South Australian Pastoral Leases is also available at the following website We recommend that you view this site as well before submitting your request to us.

Our Public Access Policy acknowledges the Public Access Policy of the SA Pastoral Board and has been adapted to suit Todmorden requirements.

Download Todmorden Station - PUBLIC ACCESS POLICY

Download Todmorden Station - PUBLIC ACCESS REQUEST FORM

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Oodnadatta Police Station (08) 8670 7805
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Coober Pedy Police Station (08) 8672 5056
Oodnadatta Hospital (08) 8670 7803
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