Todmorden Cattle Company normally employees one Overseer, four Station Hands, Cook/Domestic person and Plant Operator. The Overseer is based at our Snowtown properties, with the Station Hands, Cook/Domestic person and Plant Operator being at Todmorden.

Being a Station Hand means being a 'Jack/Jill of all Trades'. The core activity being cattle work but not limited to cattle work, other duties as outlined below. The Cook/Domestic position requires cooking for all personal at the homestead, laundry, watering of garden & general housekeeping duties. The Plant Operator, operates the Grader, Front End Loader and Bulldozer. Duties include grading station tracks, desilting dams and clearing regrowth from along fencelines. The Plant Operator must be able to spend time camping out on location, as ofen the plant will be 60 - 70 kilometres away from the homestead.

An Overseer is engaged at the Snowtown properties and undertakes all farm responsibilities on an ongoing basis. Duties include cattle work, pastures, fencing and general maintenance.

Occasionally a position comes available within our organisation, so please check our News for any latest vacancies. Alternativley should you wish to work at Todmorden you can complete a Expression of Interest Form (please download pdf 115kb) for our consideration. We also advertise in the Advertiser (Adelaide's Daily Newspaper) and rural publications like the Stock Journal if any vacancies become available.


Activities Include :

All aspects of rangeland cattle handling including:

  • Mustering
  • Branding
  • Yard Handling - Drafting
  • Monitoring stock around watering points


Water Point Management:

  • Monitoring water levels at watering points such as Dams & Natural waterholes
  • Obvservation and Maintenance of watering systems which include Solar pumps, Diesel engines driven Mono pumps, Submersible pumps, Windmills, Tanks, Troughs and Pipelines.


  • Routine servicing and maintenance of Motor Vehicles, Motorbikes & Plant.



Fencing & Cattle Yard Repairs:

  • Ability to undertake fence repairs.
  • Ability to use Arc Welder, Oxygen and Acetylene Welding equipment.

General Maintenance:

  • Homestead upkeep including gutters, lawns, raking leaves and watering gardens.
  • Assisting trade persons and contractors.
  • Painting
  • Butchering

Other Requirements:

  • Genuine committment to gaining an understanding or furthering previous experience of all aspects of open rangelend cattle management.
  • Ability to observe & regularly report relevant issues relating to work activities and stock.
  • Adaptable to a variety of work activities.
  • Awareness of Occupational Health and Safety Issues.
  • Assist with maintenance and development of facilities and improvements on the property.
  • Assist with maintenance around the homestead.
  • Ability to work and live within a small team.

    Please download pdf (115kb) Expression of Interest Form.

Activites include:

  • Food Preparation as required at homestead.
  • Food Storage & rotation of supplies to ensure optimum quality at all times.
  • Managing general household laundry.
  • Cleaning of homestead house and surrounding buildings.
  • Possible watering and maintenance of homestead lawn & garden.


  • Previous cooking and references which can demonstrate that applicant's food preperation is of a high standard.
  • Previous experience of food and supply management which includes hygiene, food preperation and ordering.
  • Previous cleaning and domestic experience.
  • Senior First Aid Certificate an advantage.
  • The ability to live and work within a small team.

    Please download Expression of Interest Form.


Applications and References:

Enquires: Douglas Lillecrapp 08 8670 7965

Please submit your application in writing to:

The Manager
PMB 55
Alice Springs NT 0871

Your application must include Names and Phone Numbers of at least 2 references. Please download pdf (115kb) Expression of Interest Form.

To view this file you will need to download the free Adobe Acrobat reader.

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