An agricultural business activity
Backgrounder Young cattle (usually steers) that require further growing and weight before entry into a Feedlot 
Bore A narrow hole drilled into the ground to source water from an underground water aquifer.
Bronco Panel

Panel within a Bronco Yard which is used to restrain a beast ( usually a calf ) for marking purposes. The calf is drawn to the Bronco Panel by a Bronco Horse and Bronco Rope

Bronco Yard A single yard usually 40 metres x 40 metres with usually native timber posts and around 9 strands of heavy gauge twisted wire. There is usually only one gateway and the yard contains a Bronco Panel.
Brumby A wild horse - feral
Feedlot Confined area used to feed livestock intensively to suit market requirements
Feedlotter Livestock on feed in a Feedlot
Feral Introduced animals that have become wild and considered pests
Improved Pasture Fodder plants that are sown to feed livestock on cultivated land
Land System An area of land distinct from surrounding areas with relatively uniform characteristics like soil type and vegetation
Mustering To gather up or “round up” cattle for all husbandry and marketing requirements
Pastoral Lease Land leased usually from the State by a pastoralist for the purposes of raising domestic live stock over a long time span
Pastoral Lessee Holder of Pastoral Lease
Pastoralism Extensive grazing of domestic livestock on Rangeland country
Pastoralist A person or persons who undertakes pastoralism
Rangeland Land used for extensive grazing of domestic livestock. Rangeland vegetation is typically native or naturalised and the land is not cultivated for the production of crops
Sharefarming An arrangement between the landowner and another person to farm (crop) the landowner’s land. Both parties share costs and profits (losses).
Soakage Source of water confined in a sand bed usually along a drainage line. It can be permanent or temporary.
Stubble Remaining crop stems like Wheat and Barley after the grain has been harvested
Top Feed

Palatable shrubs which livestock can graze (browse)

Waterhole A depression on a drainage line that can retain water permanently or temporarily
Well A larger hold dug into the ground to source water from an underground water aquifer

Barren Cow A cow that has slipped a calf or never calved
Bull An entire male used for breeding usually referred to as a Stud Bull
Bullock A mature fully grown steer
Calf Progency of a cow which is still suckling
Cast for Age Cows (C.F.A) Aged cows that are surplus to breeding requirements
Cow Female that has had its first calf and subsequent calves
Dry Cow A cow that is not lactating
Heifer Young female that hasn’t had its first calf
Mickey Bull An entire usually juvenile male
Steer A castrated male
Weaner Calf removed from its mother


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