Allan Akbar Welding 2004

Allan Akbar, Andries Visagie, Douglas,
Jacinto Taran, Alexis Yu
& Tim Gentle at Gordons Tank 2004

Andries Visagie, Allan Akbar,
Phillip Jarloyan, Alexis Yu, &
Jacinto Taran ready to Muster

Andries Visagie & Jacinto Taran
Cutting Wood

Meals on Wheels 2004

Douglas & Tim Gentle with
slaughtered beast 2004

Bore Maintenance 2004

Bush Solitude Grader Camp Wurlie Hole 2004

Kylie Cooking up a Storm 2004

Dennis Walkington digging a Pipline
Trench to Gordons Tank 2004

Dennis Walkington on the move
crossing the South Neales 2004

Douglas & Michael Newman
using calf cradle

Douglas & Tim Gentle
r epairs to Generator Dec 2003

Douglas Butching 2001

Douglas Flying 2004

Douglas rehabilitating
new yard bore 1994

Douglas Working Safe 2004

Douglas Yarding Up

End Of The Day

Fence Repairs

Finishing off Trough Base
Gordon'sTank 2004

Fuel Delivery

Garry Birchmore 2004

Hay Delivery from
Snowtown Farms

Heading to Market

Kelly Evans & Gordon inspecting sale cattle 2004

Kylie Bismire with Home Grown Watermelon 2004

Loading Cattle 2004

Michael Newman Welding Shelia Well

Micheal Newman Yard Work

Mustering Parkes Camp Dec 2003

Mustering Plant Dec 2003

Phillip Jarloyan & Tim Gentle repairing
Pryamid Pipeline 2004

Phillip Jarloyan, Gordon & Tim Gentle
d rafting at Yardinna 2004

Phillip Jarloyan Cooking Ribs 2004

Phillip Operating The Loader

Pipe Delivery 2004.

Roger Turner Carrying
Out Renovations

Shifting Cattle Anglepole Paddock

Shiftingtank 2001 Perservance

Slaughting a Beast

Tim Gentle & Andries Visagie Picking
Up Kangaroo Dung

Tim Servicing Hilux 2004

Tom Coats Servicing Motorbike

Yarding Cattle

Trough Apron 2001 Perservance

Unloading Allan Akbar

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